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Thanks. That's interesting. By which I mean "I was wrong".

In 2.7.1, the exact line at org.python.modules.posix.PosixModule.uname( is where we wrap a version string as a Python str/bytes object, and it must contain some character with a code > 255, where all we expect is digits and dots.

What does this (at a shell/command prompt) give you?

    cmd.exe /C ver

This is what we use to obtain the version string. But clearly we are not robust enough against possible variation. What does this give you at the Jython prompt?

>>> import sys
>>> sys.getSystemVersionString()

It should return the problem string. We can probably fix this by scanning for digits and dots, rather than looking for the word "version", as we are, but I'm curious what has actually happened.

Sorry, 2.7.2 is not out yet, even as a beta. On the plus side, it means we could fix this for 2.7.2. You could download and build from or (it builds with Apache Ant), but I don't expect it to fix the bug. It would be useful if you were able to do that with a version where I've treated the bug, as I can't reproduce the problem here.
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