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Jeff, thanks for investigating. Indeed DatatypeConverter is only used to encode/decode between binary data and base64. Maybe we can use java.util.Base64 instead? (I think the version via DatatypeConverter was the recommended way in some stack overflow search at that time.)
However any Base64 encoder/decoder implementation should do. There is probably some plain Java open source implementation available we can bundle. Storing it in string constants is kind of provisional anyway. There is probably a better solution, e.g. bytecode attributes or something.

> Testing the message text is a yukky way to sort exceptions

Agreed. This was mainly necessary because there is apparently no way to determine beforehand whether a given function/method will exceed size limits: Size limits scope bytecode, not source code. And (at least those days) asm didn't offer a way to detect it in advance. Sorry if I overlooked something. Then, the exception type was too generic to triage it properly into oversized method handling. And the solution based on CPython bytecode should not be applied to method code that does not really require it. If you see a better way to triage the exception or if there is a better way now with current asm I am fully in support to improve this.
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