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That would be great, Frank. Good idea, and done. We'll move it back when you succeed, so I don't propose to change it anywhere else.

I think it takes 2 things for that to work.
1. Someone looking for subdomain ends up at GitHub's page server.
2. GitHub knows that someone arriving and asking for should be shown our site.

The first is the business of the A records in DNS, which the PSF infrastructure team control, because they own the name. (Possibly needs a CNAME in DNS too.) The second is accomplished by writing in a file called CNAME in the web site repo. At least, that's what I think I know.

Even if I'm right, I've a question in my mind about HTTPS. What makes a browser that visits (and ends up on GitHub's server) believe that the site is genuine? In other words, where does the certificate go? (Does GitHub generate one?)
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