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At the moment, I am using the jrt filesystem provider as Alan suggests, but scanning only the modules from a short list. THis is not what I intend to end up with. However, I think it might be useful for an installation to specify a subset of modules, for performance reasons, to discourage use (I wonb't say prevent), or avoid a problem case. MAybe a list of regexes?

I'm noting here as a defect for further study that on Java 11 (and not before) the import of java.util.regex is incomplete:

PS jython-trunk> dist\bin\jython -i .\dist\Lib\test\
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\dist\Lib\test\", line 4, in <module>
    p = Pattern.compile("foo")
NameError: name 'Pattern' is not defined
>>> import java.util.regex as r
>>> dir(r)
['MatchResult', 'PatternSyntaxException', '__name__']

Where are Matcher and Pattern? On Java 10 we see no exception and:

>>> dir(r)
['MatchResult', 'Matcher', 'Pattern', 'PatternSyntaxException', '__name__']
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