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@Stefan Yes, let's.

I've done this now, with a bit of rationalisation of the strings too. Now the advice reads:

PS jython-jvm9> dist\bin\jython
java.lang.RuntimeException: Module or method too large in ``.

Please provide a CPython 2.7 bytecode file (.pyc), e.g. run
    python -m py_compile

Alternatively, specify a CPython 2.7 command via the python.cpython2 property, e.g.:
    jython -Dpython.cpython2=python
or (e.g. for pip) through the environment variable JYTHON_OPTS:
    export JYTHON_OPTS="-Dpython.cpython2=python"

And this advice works (at least in the development environment):

PS jython-jvm9> dist\bin\jython "-Dpython.cpython2=C:\Python\2.7.15\python.exe"
PS jython-jvm9> del large_*.pyc
PS jython-jvm9> $env:JYTHON_OPTS="-Dpython.cpython2=C:\Python\2.7.15\python.exe"
PS jython-jvm9> dist\bin\jython

In an installed jython, in response to "pip install mpmath", the failure message comes out fairly prominantly (for tests\test_fp), but this works:
PS issue2726> $env:JYTHON_OPTS="-Dpython.cpython2=C:\Python\2.7.15\python.exe"
PS issue2726> pip install mpmath
Successfully installed mpmath-1.1.0
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