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Fixed, I claim:

@Werner I'm confident MQQueue will import, but would you see if it behaves too?

The historic work-arounds seem still to be necessary. The special-case for Map/Iterable still is and I had to add one for Enumeration/Iterator. I have not tried to remove the one based on assignableFrom() Jim added, nor make other inessential improvements that ocurred to me. Maybe in another change set.

If it's not obvious yet, I think that when it comes to treating Java collections as Python ones, or giving proxied Java objects whatever API, explicit would be better than implicit. E.g. really is (only) a Python map, but wraps the Map that m is proxy for, while m has exactly the methods its type requires. (Choose name/syntax.)

Also, I don't think I'm able to express "Java rules" in MRO-speak. It may be possible (suspect not), but by far the most reliable course is surely to ask Java itself what is inherited and from where. Not for 2.7.2 I think.
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