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Ok, I looked at the stack trace I posted earlier more in detail. I stopped the application right before it threw NotSerializableException. When writing to ObjectOutputStream (out.writeObject(interpreter.getSystemState())), Java is trying to serialize the system state's "__dict__" property (sys.__dict__). The first item in the "sys.__dict__" is function "getCurrentWorkingDir" which is of type PyReflectedFunction. Its property called "__module__" is of type PyReflectedField. "__module__" has a property called "field" which is of type "class java.lang.reflect.Field". That's where the serialization fails. 

In short, the problematic field is 'interpreter.getSystemState().__dict__.__getitem__("getCurrentWorkingDir").__module__.field' which is of type java.lang.reflect.Field, and it causes serialization to fail.
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