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Our implementation of ctypes sits on top of jffi. We upgrade the JARs occasionally, but unfortunately, the code on our side is 10 years old. Except in a few of the source files, I have not found a shred of documentation.

ctypes doesn't get exercised in the regression tests, because test_ctypes does not find a module _ctypes. If I dig out ctypes.tests.runtests specially from lib-python, it fails in a way that suggests ctypes moved on from Python 2.5 and ours didn't. So I think the fix is to enable test_ctypes for Jython, then work off the failures.

I bring this up because of, which we should fix at the same time. If it had been tested, I would have noticed the bug when futzing around in my Chinese persona.

As this is a late arrival, and we've managed so far, I'm inclined to leave it to 2.7.3.
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