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Current JyNI can use a fair amount of CPython's ctypes. E.g. sufficient for some PyOpenGL (on Linux). However, JyNI is still experimental and introduces a larger overhead than jffi (I guess).
That said, did you ever look at ctypes codebase? It's large and complicated, 10k lines of code the main c file alone. I remember debugging JyNI in context of ctypes was a nightmare. OTOH I never looked into jffi, so no idea how straight forward a port would be. Though, I suspect it would be *plenty* of work. I'm not confident it would be realistic to tackle this in foreseeable future with the few active developers that are currently around.

From that point of view I would recommend to simply advice users to try using current jffi-based version and if it's not sufficient use original ctypes through JyNI.

You're right that's an issue for 2.7.3 (if there will be a 2.7.3). I would rather recommend to scope it for Jython 3.
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