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I did an experiment to see if I've understood how this is supposed to work. I forked the repo, which James worked so hard on, and made it my own as . This was enough to make it appear as a personal site at

I then set up the DNS zone file (at my provider) for a domain name I own to point @ and www to the IP addresses GitHub specify. As a result, the Jython website is now visible as . It took about an hour hor my local DNS to catch up with the address change.

It took another 12 hours for GitHub to make me an SSL certificate, but now it's also at . I found it interesting that this was both free and automatic.

I don't know if the infrastructure team tried this for us before (with and it failed, or tried something else. However, this was pretty painless and has worked.

The GitHub help on this seems clearer now than I remember it.
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