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At the moment I am just triaging. However, at the bottom of #2625, Jim claims to have stabilized the file count. Still, for some reason that issue is not considered fixed. Did you check if his solution solved it? Any way, that should go into the discussion at #2625 rather than here. (As a side-effect, it would pop up #2625 to the top of the bjo landing page, giving it better visibility). If you have updates or new knowledge about #2625 I suggest you post it there.

That said, in no case #2800 or #2625 will fix in 2.7.0 - '0' is already the micro version. Eventual fixes would go into 2.7.3 (or 2.7.2 if there is really a fast fix).

Further, #2800 may be worth further investigation independently from #2625, so maybe you'd want to confirm it on current Jython even if you would not actually switch to current Jython right now.
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