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As a manual step, this is a bit awkward to do. I found I could modify the maven/build.xml *after* a build at tag 2.7.2b1, circumventing its tendency to build a snapshot.

This, added to macrodef stage, restores the gpg step:

      <!-- Generate a detached signature for each artefact in the bundle.
           This requires gpg to be installed, so soft-fail if not. -->
      <exec executable="gpg"
          <arg value="-ab"/>
          <arg value="@{artifactId}-@{version}.jar"/>
          <arg value="@{artifactId}-@{version}-javadoc.jar"/>
          <arg value="@{artifactId}-@{version}-javadoc.jar"/>
          <arg value="@{artifactId}-@{version}-sources.jar"/>

It fails soft if you don't have gpg at all. Failing soft may be pointless as the step is not really optional.

I won't push that change right now though, taking other blockers to publication as part of this.
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