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It is surprising given that

1) This support in PyType/PyJavaType was rewritten in 2.7.2 (after being also rewritten in 2.7.1) to better support multithreading by safely publishing the proxy type to Java in its mapping, including inner classes. See

2) imports in general should always sequence behind the module import lock (but that lock is per sys/PySystemState, so if the scripts are being run in separate PySystemState objects, we can discount).

@FraOrolo, could you submit a test script showing this behavior?

Having said that, importing methods from a class like `from x.y.z.AJavaClass import *` could very well be undertested, since that's not so common at least for me (!) vs dispatching from the object (unless we are talking about only static methods). Again, a test script would be very helpful.
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