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As in PEP-512 ( and for much the same reasons, we've said we'd migrate to GitHub. This seems the apposite time, before we get started on bug-fixes and Jython 3. This implicitly includes using git rather than mercurial in the development environment.

I'm tentatively assigning myself the ticket. I have a bit of experience now with git, so can probably manage this without making too much of a mess. The main difficulty is to avoid something that works but has some fearful drawback later on. I'll dry run it in my own space first, fix a bug in the dry, then repeat for real. If anyone knows a lot about this, help would be welcome.

Fortunately, CPython have done this before us. (And lots of others, but they're nearest, and in public.) Discussion on the core-workflow list begins around the start of 2016.
This is something like the final plan:

We shouldn't expect to get the same tool integration as CPython (e.g. updating with changes on GitHub). We'd have easier use of tools supporting the development process if we were in the Python organisation, from GitHub's POV. If we can work as well as now, haven't dropped any critical information, and can merge PRs via GitHub, I would count that a success.

There will be several details to take care of, some general to Python, some specific to Jython. I doubt I will spot them all first time. Here's a start ...

In the generic category:

* Converting the repo (history, contributor names etc.):

* Contributor names: 

* sys._git:

* git and new lines:

Specific to Jython:

* Continue building with ant, with minimal change, but using git in place of (i.e. no longer supporting) hg to get version control information. (git must be available on the path or you get an uncontrolled snapshot of some kind.)

* Have concurrent branches like CPython and the dev-guide. (We haven't really done that, but need to, in a small way.)
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