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> I guess you are using the command line utility to launch your application, but it runs "unobserved"

I do use the utility to launch the application, but only in a "tool" mode. Normally it is a Web application running in a Web container, but can also be launched separately to execute certain tasks like administration of the database. This way I can easily share code between the main application and various tools: they basically have the same code, just the entry point is different.

Tools do *not* run unobvserved, they are started from command line manually. For output, they reuse logging mechanism: Web applications nearly always write logs, so we already have them implemented. In tools, logs are created normally and additionally, log excerpts (warnings, errors and additionally info from certain categories relevant to that specific tool) is written to the *console*. In this way, Jython logging is getting in the way, by intermixing expected tool output with its own log entries.

The application is quite large and we use perhaps 30-50 libraries in total. Many of them log, some with SLF4J, some with JCL, some with java.util.logging, as Jython. However, we use Log4j bridge to collect everything together, so we receive a single log file out of all of this.

Jython is the only thing that gets in our way and tries to configure logging on its own. Everything else just writes to the logs and lets end user configure it as they see fit (enable/disable levels, decide where log entries go to).
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