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> Just to confirm, does the web-service log org.python events as you would hope?

> On the *console*, I find the default Java message format unsuitable.
It's not up to Jython to impose it on me. I also use a different format (e.g. no date, only time), but the point is that Jython is part of my logs in this case and its entries should look like all others. Because Jython is ultimately not the highest level and cannot know about other entities adding to the log, or how the highest level (the user) wants it to look like, it should leave configuration alone.  There is a reason I have configuration in 'logback.xml' and everything else plays along.

> I know the date and time already
Our tools can run for hours, so at least time is certainly useful.  Again, Jython is not in the position to decide for everyone who might want to use it.

> So I'm reluctant to change the way it looks, but the way it works could be re-thought. I'd be happy to hear a suggestion how, with the default output as it is, we could make it easier for people who want something else. System properties seem the obvious control mechanism.
At least there should be a way to prevent Jython's configuration or undo what it does.  If you want to keep the current behavior, please at least:
- move everything configuring the logs from static class initialization to an own method;
- call said method only depending on something in system properties (i.e. if certain property is set, don't do anything at all);
- provide a public method to undo all the changes for those who cannot or don't want to use system properties, ideally easily accessible both from Python and Java levels.
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