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Date 2020-05-31.17:22:18
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CPython (as observed in Travis CI) signs on like this:

CPython 2.7.15+ (heads/2.7:89b5ea2, Dec 19 2018, 15:16:35)
CPython 3.10.0a0 (heads/master:007bb06, May 31 2020, 03:31:05)

It's how the git version info appears that I want to emulate, as an indication I've mined Git correctly for the information. "master" vs "2.7" is a function of the branch we're on. Jython (clean from a commit) now signs on with:

Jython 2.7.3a1-DEV (heads/master:ba16fbc, May 31 2020, 18:10:49)
>>> sys._git
('Jython', 'heads/master', 'ba16fbc')

Seems like I can generate an acceptable sys.version from Ant and Gradle, and it all ties in as you'd hope when pushed to the dry-run repo:
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