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The next high-risk change is transferring issues we have collected on jythontools/jython to jython/jython (when it exists). One cannot transfer issues between repositories in different organisations (here from jythontools/ to jython/) but one may transfer a whole repository.

So I think the answer involves transferring ownership of jythontools/jython to jython, so we can then transfer the (open) issues. But we don't want it to arrive called /jython so change the name *first* to jython-mirror.

I tried transferring issues between repos on my own account and renaming the destination, then transferring it to the jython organisation, and GitHub just sucks all this change up, so that a link to the original issue lands in the new place. Try it with and you end up at, despite the transfer issue, rename repo, transfer repo dance it has been through.

So I think the sequence will be:
1. Create jython/jython by import from as described already.
2. Rename jythontools/jython to jythontools/frozen-mirror.
3. Transfer jythontools/frozen-mirror to jython/frozen-mirror.
4. Transfer open and closed-fixed issues from jython/frozen-mirror to jython/jython. 

There is a twist in step 4: issues get new numbers when moved, so I propose to make a note on jython/frozen-mirror fixed issues of their current number, before the transfer, to tie up with earlier records. I could update NEWS with the new number, but I can't fix the (now incorrect) numbers embedded in change sets. We'll just have to put up with numbers below 190 maybe being duplicates. (There are only 6 such.)
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