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The last thing to test is that the migrated repository still allows us to make a release.

I don't want actually to release anything (it would be a 2.7.3a1 almost identical to 2.7.2). The last part, packaging and staging at Sonatype, won't have changed. The thing to test is branding with the version control information and the tripwires that prevent us releasing something that only works because of files not checked in.

Oh, and to have the instructions to do it again.

I've been through all this now, but as a dry-run in my own space. The use of information from Git took a lot of trial and error. I'm copying CPython
but those particular commands, and the way the results get used,
may not be the best choice. The names owe a lot to the legacy of svn and hg and do not well reflect very well what they contain.

However, git has a lot of options. When it comes to tripwires in the release process, slightly different git queries are used.

Next is to do it for real, after which should never be modified again.
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