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The discrepancies in what the sign-on banner and sys._git produce has been bugging me. I fell foul of it too in the tripwires in the build that detect whether we're at the tag matching the release, by checking build.git.tag against jython.release.

The sign-on includes sys._git[1]. Here are some examples of sys._git from CPython:
('CPython', 'v2.7.16', '413a49145e')
('CPython', 'v3.7.3', 'ef4ec6ed12')
('CPython', 'tags/v3.8.0', 'fa919fd')
and from my dry-run
('Jython', 'tags/v2.7.3a1', '625fdf3b1')

Why the slightly ugly "tags/" prefix in some cases and not others? The code in has not changed between these version. In all cases, we are seeing the output of 'git describe --all --always --dirty'.

It turns out that the culprit is actually git, which differs by version due to a regression fixed here:
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