Author wfouche
Date 2007-08-27.14:51:30
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I've tried both Jython v2.2 and v2.2rc3 and have discovered that one of my UDP based applications deadlocks. The attached test program works in Python v2.4 and Jython v2.1 (using SUN Java v1.6.0_02), but deadlocks with Jython v2.2 (using SUN Java v1.6.0_02). All testing being done on Windows XP SP2.

Bug report: The second last line in the program (UDP send) never unblocks when Jython v2.2 is used.

This is what the program does. It creates a UDP socket, and binds port 5555 to it. A reader thread is then spawned to receive UDP packets sent to this port. The main application then continues to send a UDP packet originating from this port every second once the reader thread is running. If the reader thread is not instantiated, then Jython v2.2 is able to send packets every minute; otherwise the UDP send never unblocks.
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