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I think that for the recv/recvfrom issue that this is a very reasonable
solution.  Jython 2.2.2 will test this even more.

I still think there is problem with the send/sendto timeout.  (I will
open a separate problem if you like, just let me know).   

import socket

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)

print s.gettimeout()

s.settimeout(1.0)    # settimeout here done before the sendto

print s.gettimeout()

s.sendto('testdata', ('', 9876))

print s.gettimeout()

print 'The program hangs here, even though s.gettimeout = 1.0'

buf, addr = s.recvfrom(2048)


When the settimeout is performed after the sendto, it works properly.

I suspect that when config is run, that it sets the timeout to default
which is None, but the value of timeout in for the script is still 1.0.   

(By the way, because of this testing, I will be opening a problem with
Python 2.5.2 on Windows).
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