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Actually, there are a few options that aren't supported at the moment,

 * Keep-alive
 * Linger
 * Out-of-band -> inline
 * Send and receive buffer sizes
 * Traffic class

On UDP sockets

 * Broadcast

All can have an important impacts on performance and behaviour. For
example, send and receive buffer sizes can be an important performance
consideration, as this paper about grid data transfer describes

Socket Buffer Auto-Sizing for High-Performance Data Transfers

Also, I see that TIPC support has been checked into the cpython trunk,
and will be present in 2.6.

Transparent InterProcess Communication

I'll have a look at implementing TIPC, for use in jython 2.6, although
we could maybe put it into 2.5. Must raise this on jython-dev.

Although I see you've reported the bug against 2.5a1, I'd like to check
the fixes into release 22 branch; it would be a good way to get some
in-the-wild exposure for the new options, before 2.5 is released.
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