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Date 2008-09-08.14:30:12
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The attached patch IMHO fixes the problem.
I manually replaced the patched jython.bat file in
jython_installer-2.5a2.jar and ran a bunch of tests:

a) installation into a directory containing no spaces (blanks):
   successful (like before)

b) installation into a directory containing a space (blank):
   successful (like before)

c) starting jython from the directory without spaces:

d) starting jython from the directory containing a space:

In addition, I tried to start jython by calling /bin/jython.bat.
The following table shows success in all combinations of set/unset
JAVA_HOME and JYTHON_HOME environment variables:

JAVA_HOME | JYTHON_HOME |  install dir   | calling /bin/jython.bat
 is set   |   is set    | contains space |     is successful
    N     |     N       |       N        |         yes
    N     |     Y       |       N        |         yes
    Y     |     N       |       N        |         yes
    Y     |     Y       |       N        |         yes
    N     |     N       |       Y        |         yes
    N     |     Y       |       Y        |         yes
    Y     |     N       |       Y        |         yes
    Y     |     Y       |       Y        |         yes
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