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Date 2008-11-09.00:17:17
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Is this 64 bit java? I know there's an existing issue with utimes and 64 
bit java (on OS X, maybe others) -- though oddly enough this doesn't 
look like that issue at all.

I wasn't able to reproduce this on OS X 64 bit java (using jython trunk 
r5557, pyamf trunk).

Does the following simple case work?

import os
f = '/tmp/jython-foo'
open(f, 'w').close()
s = os.stat(f)
os.utime(f, (s.st_atime, s.st_mtime))

If you have a local Jython build and can reproduce the issue, it'd help 
to know what the actual arguments being passed to os.utime are (you 
could temporarily hack your to print them out)
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