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Date 2009-01-14.15:30:48
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By running pyftpdlib [1] test suite on Jython 2.5b1 I get this exception
from select().
I can't understand the reason since it happens randomly.

back (most recent call last):
  File "C:\jython2.5b0\Lib\", line 247, in _Thread__bootstrap
  File "", line 2003, in run
    self.server.serve_forever(timeout=self.__timeout, count=1,
  File "C:\jython2.5b0\bin\", line 3126, in serve_forever
    poll_fun(timeout, map)
  File "C:\jython2.5b0\Lib\", line 108, in poll
    r, w, e =, w, e, timeout)
  File "C:\jython2.5b0\Lib\", line 171, in native_select
    pobj = poll()
  File "C:\jython2.5b0\Lib\", line 63, in __init__
    self.selector =
IOException: Unable to establish loopback connection

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