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OK, this is not necessarily a problem with our jython implementation:
see attached, which is the direct equivalent of the jython that Irmen provided: it generates the same exception, with no
jython involved.

I'm reasonably sure that this is a Windows specific thing as well, but I
need to check on a few different platforms.

I think this may be caused by our method using
java.nio.channels.Selector, which is really meant to be created once and
used for the whole duration of the server.

The jython is implemented using Selector, and creates and
destroys a Selector every single time the function is called.

The best way to work around this problem would be to use our select.poll
object, in the way it is intended to be used, i.e. create one for the
whole duration of the server.

I'm going to report a bug Sun about this, but I'm not optimistic that it
will be fixed (or even looked at, going on experience from previous
similar java bugs).

So we may just have to document this as a known bug, and live with it.

I want to do some more experimentation though.
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