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> It's not that cPython avoided to add Windows poll() support.
> poll() system call is *UNIX only*.

The poster is confused. The statement "poll() system call is *UNIX
only*" applies to cpython, *not* to jython. Jython *has* a poll object
on Windows, and it works.

> Having select() support is good for Windows users since it's often the
> only chance they have for doing socket multiplexing.

The poster has not been reading what I've been writing. The statement
above applies only to cpython, not to jython.

By necessity, jython must use java.nio.channels.Selector to implement
the select function. But this usage results in an "unnatural" usage of
the java API, and gives rise to the problem being discussed in this thread.

I refer you to the code for the actual implementation of the jython
select module.,r=trunk/jython/trunk/jython/Lib/

If the poster has better implementation options, patches are welcome.
Further discussion based on confusing cpython with jython will serve no
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