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Date 2009-07-29.19:44:31
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i still get this behavior with jython 2.5.0, django 1.0.2 (svn rev 9503)
on Windows XP.

After deleting and recreating the class files, I can still get the
corrupted class files to be generated after the 'war' command is issued.
 Trying to run ' war' twice emits an error that the 'war'
command can't be found.

C:\dev\hello>jython war
Unknown command: 'war'
Type ' help' for usage. 

Wiping out the class files (again) makes the problem go away. 

Incidentally on Windows, I also tend to get odd errors about files not
being found - I think this is a related bug.  

"The system cannot find the file ▬?§◄♀?§."
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