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I tested the workaround suggested by marc on 2.5.1 rc 3 but it didn't
work. After adding those lines to the attached script, I wasn't
able to stop the execution at all. Pressing ctrl-c just gave the
following traceback every time I hit it and even 'kill -9' left a
defunct java process.

^CException in thread "SIGINT handler" Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/peke/Prog/jython2.5.1rc3/Lib/", line 113, in handle
    self.action(signal.getNumber(), None)
  File "Lataukset/", line 5, in intHandler
    raise KeyboardInterrupt()

The reason I'm interested about this issue is that I'd like to implement
a possibility to stop Robot Framework test execution gracefully from the
command line:
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