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re msg5318 by Peter:
2.5.1 proved to be a smaller increment for us. I have changed the 
version to being Deferred for the time being.

Here's what needs to be implemented:
a compiler that given an AST, produces Python bytecode

This would support many things for Jython, not just long code bodies.

Note that you can work around this problem today by compiling your code 
with CPython to .pyc files, perhaps with the compileall module, then 
using "import pycimport" to enable executing .pyc code by the Python 
bytecode VM. Incidentally, this capability has been available, quietly, 
since 2.5.0. While not an ideal solution, this toolchain is certainly 
doable. For instance, I used it to test the PBC-VM against regrtest.
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