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This is certainly a class-loading issue.

As noted in an above message, this error only occurs (with Tomcat on
Windows) when Tomcat is run as a service.

But I have now solved that problem.

By simply removing jython.jar from WEB-INF/lib, and moving it to
$TOMCAT_HOME/lib, from where it is treated differently for class-loading
purposes, the problem is eliminated, and the servlet runs correctly,
even when Tomcat is run as a service.

I still do not know why this class-loading issue creates the illustrated
issue, but now at least we have a workaround, which is to move
jython.jar up the class-loading hierarchy.

To other people who have reported seeing this problem: Is it possible
for you to move jython.jar up the class-loading hierarchy? I'm not
familiar with the weblogic class-loading hierarchy.

I don't know the class-loading scenario under which the Spring Security
problem report was found.
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