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Jython/Pypy seem more correct than CPython according to the rules on

"For instance bindings, the precedence of descriptor invocation depends on the which descriptor methods are defined. Normally, data descriptors define both __get__() and __set__(), while non-data descriptors have just the __get__() method. Data descriptors always override a redefinition in an instance dictionary. In contrast, non-data descriptors can be overridden by instances."

"A descriptor can define any combination of __get__(), __set__() and __delete__(). If it does not define __get__(), then accessing the attribute even on an instance will return the descriptor object itself. If the descriptor defines __set__() and/or __delete__(), it is a data descriptor; if it defines neither, it is a non-data descriptor."

But I don't think we can fault CPython as it's had this behavior forever
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