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writing code targeting all of (python2.6, jython2.5.1, python3.1) is most seriously hindered (IMHO) by jython2.5.1 not supporting the b"some_chars" literal (which on python2.6+ does nothing).

use-case pseudo-code:

char = 'b' if PYTHON31 else 'c'
data = "some_chars" if JYTHON25 else eval('b"some_chars"')
array.array(CHAR, data)

line 1 is no a problem as it can be done once for the whole codebase
line 2 is problematic because it has to be done for all literals (also in unit-tests)
as far as I understand a syntax change from invalid -> ignore cannot break any code compatible with jython2.5.

If such a jython2.5 python2.5 inconsistency is not acceptable (or you do not plan any 2.5.x releases) could someone hint me on how to patch jython2.5.1 to develop my code easier until jython2.6 is released?
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