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Yep, its all valid path. On the Solaris 10 system I'm using and the Fedora Linux 12 system, they have numerous log file references that speak to vfszip:/a/valid/path. So, we would want everything after the ":", minus the /org/python/core/PySystemState.class, just as the patch does.

So, a question for you. Are you concerned about the leading "/" before the "C:"? I didn't make an exhaustive search of, but I see the result of the method call being used at least in findRoot which uses it in a File class. At least on 1.5.0_22, a leading slash is okay.

File testFile = new File("/D:/tmp/Foo.txt");
if(testFile.isFile() && testFile.canRead())
  System.out.println("It is a readable file");
BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(testFile));

It is a readable file
This is the contents of Foo.txt  (which is what is in Foo.txt, so it works fine)

Thanks for your care and attention to this issue.
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