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Date 2012-05-05.15:22:53
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OK, I've checked in the beginnings of OS/400 support.

It is quite different to the support proposed in the patch, primarily because the structure of jython code involved has changed significantly.

I'm only checking this into the 2.5 branch for now: once we know it's working, I'll merge it forward to the head.

It would be great if someone with access to OS/400 could download the latest 2.5 branch and try it out.

Primarily it's about testing the os module to see if the new support works. I have made the assumption that java on OS/400 behaves the same way as standard posix.

>>> import os
>>> os._name
>>> import os.path
>>> os.path.dirname("/QOpenSys/usr/bin/sh")

If we know this support is working, we can then address the environment issues, perhaps more cleanly than in the original patch.
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