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Hi Jeff, 
thanks for the super fast reply.  
I have to say I am new to Jython, (about to migrate from perl) having started by trying out a number of not so trivial Java libraries (Stanford Parser, WEKA, ...) to check whether one can really smoothly use arbitrary Java goodies ... and so far I could. 

I now tried solrpy and used the sample script that was provided with the package: It basically inserts a simple doc into the index and retrieves it with solr again. 

when saying 

  response = s.query('title:lucene')
  for hit in response:
      print hit

then in python I get this

{u'title': [u'Lucene in Action'], u'author': u'Erik Hatcher', u'author_s': u'Erik Hatcher', u'score': 0.15342641, u'_version_': 1432303263573606400L, u'id': u'1'}

which is fact what I also see when inspecting the index with Solr on-board tools

but when running the same code in jython 2.5 I only get

{u'score': 0.15342641}

so in essence the script doesn't exactly fail in jython, but I don't get the same search result.

Not sure what to make of it. But this seems clearly a case where python 
and jython do different things with the same script. Will try the version 2.5.3 in any case. 

Best regards for now,
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