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Just wanted to follow up here in this bug: Santoso's PR is great and complete, however it's unfortunately exposing bugs in certain modules (such as threading) in Jython's stdlib implementation. These bugs rely on buggy behavior in the current support of java.util.Map.

I plan to address by adding a new jythonlib module that will allow for building dict, list, or set with arbitrary backing collections supporting respectively java.util.Map, java.util.List, and java.util.Set. An example is using Guava's MapMaker as a builder for dicts. Example:

import jythonlib
    # jarjar-ed version
	from import MapMaker
except ImportError:
    # dev version from extlibs
	from import MapMaker

# note the use of the bound method
builder = jythonlib.dict_builder(MapMaker().concurrencyLevel(4).weakKeys().weakValues().makeMap)
# initialize a new dict using the above ConcurrentMap definition
d1 = builder(x=1, y=2, z=3)
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