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This is apparently in response to, but I think it does not answer the underlying problem. The underlying problem is a bug in our JSR-223 implementation probably also identified in #2090 and #1494. The mistake is to test this at the REPL prompt, when the problem is in the *different* interpreter used by the script engine. This seems to be why #1494 was closed, in error I think.

You could say the observed behaviour is correct, under the arcane Python 2 rules. BigInteger is not a special Java class to the interpreter, so it is not numerically comparable to int. Alternatively, having Jython treat java.lang.BigInteger as a number *may* be a good idea. (How about BigDecimal too? Or java.lang.Number in general, in the same way that Comparable gets special treatment?) It would be a new feature, not a bug-fix.
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