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Hey Jim,

Yeah, was thinking about something similar a while ago. The temp directory
approach may not work in all places, but should work for >80%


On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 3:55 AM, Jim Baker <> wrote:

> Jim Baker added the comment:
> I just worked on standalone support for #2196, and this gave me some fresh
> insight.
> The best approach likely is to provide a new Clamp-specific runner similar
> to org.python.util.JarRunner. Let's assume a name like
> Clamp currently packs Lib files under /Lib in
> the jar so they can be used by existing but limited standalone support (see
> PySystemState#isStandalone for some specifics). Instead ClampRunner will
> unpack these files to a temporary directory (using the Java 7 support,
> Files#createTempDirectory), ensuring these are all deleted upon exit
> (File#deleteOnExit). Then it will call PySystemState#initialize with
> python.path property set to this unpacked directory.
> Because it's a true directory, we will get standard file introspection
> that caused this bug to be submitted in the frist place.
> Note that will also make it feasible to support the package cache using a
> similar scheme (python.cachedir property setting).
> Lastly, this can be done completely outside of the Jython 2.7 dev cycle,
> but instead in Clamp instead. (Still need to verify that package cache can
> be constructed without such changes, but it can certainly be used without.)
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