Author leouserz
Date 2006-12-22.19:30:25
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hmmm, speed wise Im not sure, I guess it depends upon how quickly the PyString is going to return a hashCode call.  From gutting PyStringMap and replacing it with a Map that used the interned strings I saw a boost in performance on the test I was running.  So from that angle PyStringMap didn't seem that speedy. 

I would suspect that PyString would return as quickly as the String.  Its hashCode, hashes the internal string and caches the value.  So I would expect equivilent behavior between the two.  Also, it looks like it should have a speedy equals method.  As long as the string is interned.  So I don't see any terrible issues using it as a key.

I think using a PyDictionary would make the instances more compliant with Python.  Given that I can take the dict from a Python instance and use non-strings for keys.

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