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I found a workaround with a little experimentation. Create a file %USERPROFILE%\.inputrc and put the desired key binding in:

"\C-z": "\C-d"

Presumably we can create this key binding programmatically in JLine2, using, specifically, java.lang.Object), so as to not override user intent.

With my workaround defined, I attempted to look up how JLine2 actually sets things up by examining the key map in use by starting with the ConsoleReader as set with sys._jy_console.reader (defined if using JLine2, otherwise an AttributeError). As usual for such experiments, I use the Jython console itself. However sys._jy_console.reader.keys.getBound("\z") returned jline.console.Operation.SELF_INSERT - no difference from not setting .inputrc - so looks there's some additional work to figure out what's going on here. As usual, this will require reading JLine2 source - that's really the only docs available.
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