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I'll give it a shot, there was several issues.

1. Stacktraces in jython are very expensive.. so logging was deceptively contributing to slow execution.

2. The code we used built a javax.script.CompiledScript for code isolation.. but it ended up being slow so we switch to creating functions and using invoke..

I'll need to go back and see if that solves other issues.. but the main issue is is this code in our environment was being executed at a very high rate... I think I've reduced that rate and therefore its not as big of a deal.

As far as previous comments about the solution path.. I choose NonBlockingIdentityHashMap because .class objects should already be in perm gen and this would simply store references so it, should be a pretty small memory footprint basically just pointers.. and while weakkeys allows one to unload low volume references.. IHMO the footprint was so small that the application probably has bigger issues.. a bit extra memory for holding the references.. there was no discernible difference in our application.
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