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William, thanks for taking a look at this. Re your points:

1. Stack traces in Java are expensive when compared to simply using exceptions. But we are certainly making this be even more expensive in Py#getStackTrace, which is simply ancient code in Jython that parses the stack trace string representation, instead of using, available since Java 1.4. (hg blame shows that this code still has parts unchanged from when Jim Huginin and Barry Warsaw worked on it 16-17 years ago!)

2. If at all possible, you want to use code objects that are already compiled and invoke them, vs recompiling every single time. Basically every time you eval/compile something on Jython, no matter how small, it creates a class and loads it with a classloader. So I think this is the right strategy, even if it means we don't have such a good performance test :)

3. Re weak references - this is certainly true of your scenario, however, it causes memory leaks for other usage. So this seems to be the best compromise. Providing a pluggable map for class_to_type would be even better of course.
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