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Title Status
Using bootclasspath prevents Jython to find Readline closed
Support ipython and other completers with readline emulation closed
Provide a default readline console using JLine closed
No readline module use by raw_input builtin function closed
jython 2.5.3 sys.stdin.readline() hangs when jython launched as subprocess on Mac OS X closed
System.console().readLine only reads a single character closed
readline add_history() typo closed
sys.stdin.readline() hangs when used interactively (JLine, Windows) closed
Embedded python - import readline throws exception closed
readline.read_history_file problem closed
CVE-2013-1752 - multiple unbound readline() DoS flaws in python stdlib closed startup hook closed
relative seeks works incorrectly after readline open
Readline/tab completion fails when using the cmd module closed
readline.get_history_item broken open
Please update closed
Extend ReadlineConsole to cmd.Cmd closed
Blank input lines break readline console closed
read and readline don't mix closed
Patch for using TAB with ReadlineConsole closed
implementation of readline module using java-readline closed
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