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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2546 1 week ago No way to add __doc__ to fields in Java-written module (?) open stefan.richthofer  
1002 2 weeks ago static java methods on class hidden by object methods open crotwell  
1132 2 weeks ago Metaclasses for Java-derived objects open ericjacobs  
1248 2 weeks ago Trace function is not called with a line event for try statements open jha  
1485 2 weeks ago JSR223 ScriptEngineManager cannot find both jython and jruby ScriptEngines when using maven assembly plugin open heuermh  
1846 2 weeks ago cannot configure socket() for Multicast open hulettbh zyasoft
1943 2 weeks ago missing module fcntl open wbrana  
2213 2 weeks ago socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_RCVBUF, tcp_window_size) with huge tcp_window_size does not raise an exception open dstromberg zyasoft
2258 2 weeks ago StackOverflowError stacktrace is eaten up by Jython open doublep  
2299 2 weeks ago Support macropy open zyasoft  
2427 2 weeks ago jython --boot cannot load console support on Windows open eaaltonen  
2525 2 weeks ago Jython incorrectly buffers file pipe output with Subprocess(command,stdout='/some/file/path') open shadowhawk100  
2598 3 weeks ago Parsing of `from . import something` is incorrect open jenselme  
2653 1 month ago Wrong error message when opening a busy file open  
2287 2 months ago multiprocessing module not available open Arfrever  
2626 5 months ago Jython 2.5 interpreter is failing due to BufferOverflow Exception pending Megha  
527524 8 months ago Cannot compile to use methods exceeding JVM size restrictions open anonymous zyasoft
2536 10 months ago deadlocks in regrtests due to StackOverflowError in finally block open stefan.richthofer  
2007 11 months ago from __future__ import print_function doesn't work (at interactive prompt) open irmen  
2545 12 months ago help() does not work on Java-implemented modules open stefan.richthofer  
1337 14 months ago Add abstract PySequence.size() method open pjenvey  
1744 14 months ago jython script total characters limited to 100000 open reljicb amak
2519 18 months ago Hangs in test.test_gc_jy under regrtest open jeff.allen stefan.richthofer
2269 26 months ago jffi*.tmp files left to %TMP% on Windows open pekka.klarck  
2270 26 months ago jansi-*.dll left to %TMP% on Windows open pekka.klarck  
2267 29 months ago socket rcv method lacks optional 2nd parameter, flags open gary.aviv zyasoft
2107 35 months ago Support Contextual Classpath Determination open eaaltonen  
1723 35 months ago stdout not working; print redirected to stderr? open jasonsmith  
1641 35 months ago Jars loaded dynamically from sys.path do not load their full manifest into their package open zyasoft  
1719817 35 months ago thread.start_new_thread doesn't take a kwarg dict open cgroves  
2115 35 months ago Callable objects cannot be used as args to Java method params taking single method interfaces open zyasoft  
1842 35 months ago Add IBM i support to Jython open ryanwatkins  
1270 36 months ago CRTL+C kills Jython console open boisgera  
1854873 36 months ago Support mmap open mehendran  
1870 36 months ago Joined command line options handled incorrectly open Arfrever  
1280 36 months ago Add "--classpath" option to launch scripts open aviflax  
1012 36 months ago Jython nailgun-like script open nriley  
2038 36 months ago Unable to import optparse with non-ASCII character in LANGUAGE open gsnedders  
1781 37 months ago Jython selects wrong overload when Boolean/boolean choices are involved open doublep  
1422 37 months ago standalone jython doesn't load jars in classpath on solaris open gschenke  
1302 37 months ago Move Jython's mailing lists to infrastructure open fwierzbicki fwierzbicki
1782 38 months ago os.stat_float_times is not implemented open smeatonj  
2262 38 months ago Pylint running on Jython 2.7b3 standalone raises false "import-error" messages (F0401). open alex1ta  
1100 38 months ago Missing suport for os.spawn* and related constant os.P_WAIT open ok4rm  
2218 38 months ago Popen.terminate closes pipes open pekka.klarck  
737978 38 months ago IOError/ equivalence open pedronis  
1612 38 months ago array.array should use specialized bulk operations to initialize from an input source, such as a string open mcieslik  
1903 39 months ago Port Jython to ANTLR 4.4 open Arfrever fwierzbicki
2245 39 months ago Support non Unicode paths open zyasoft  
1553 42 months ago Encoding problems in - unicode, html open w_hunger  
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