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This has to do with the fix for #2500. I compared proposed change in with

@darjus: If I remove your additional changes regarding wait-option, i.e. apply PR 40 as is, test_socket_jy goes well again. (Which is why I didn't notice this when I some weeks ago asserted that PR 40 doesn't break regrtests)
Maybe you need to adjust the test somehow?
Unfortunately I don't have much clue what this stuff is all about, just observing changes etc.

@James Don't think it's related; the hanging is annoying though. It's probably more related with hanging of test_logging etc #2536, #2537, maybe even with #2519. There also is usually socket and netty in the game. Probably also gc. I guess has some __del__ finalizers that clean up netty and depending on when gc kicks in, some unfortunate tests can yield deadlock.
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