Title: Jython to python version mapping
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msg12013 (view) Author: Joseph Anselm (joanselm) Date: 2018-06-21.14:46:34
Jython is an implementaion of python. Is there any way to find the version of python that is being supported by a particular jython jar.

eg: Few posts in the web say that Jython 2.5 supports python 2.5

Similarly I want to know the jython version that supports python 2.7.14 or more.

It would be helpful if the version mapping can be referred to in any user-guides or pages.

This is just a query. I want to know the jython version that supports python 2.7.14. A customer reported a vulnerability that was with cpython 2.7 which is fixed in 2.7.14. Just wanted to know the jython jar that relates to cpython 2.7.14.

msg12015 (view) Author: Stefan Richthofer (stefan.richthofer) Date: 2018-06-24.11:55:44
The version mapping is not that precise. The goal is to map major and minor version numbers as far as possible.
I think language support is mapped rather closely, while runtime support is on best effort basis.
The micro version number is completely unrelated and just indicates progress on improving Jython in terms of
compatibility to CPython regarding major and minor version as mentioned above, but also general bugfixing,
performance, Java integration, etc.
I'm not sure if this is somewhere described in user-guides or pages, but this is certainly the current de-facto
situation. So, regarding your question, the Jython version that supports Python 2.7.14 most closely is 2.7.1 and
soon will be 2.7.2.

In no sense the micro version can indicate bug-compatibility to CPython. Given that Jython is fairly different
from CPython, a possible vulnerability needs to be investigated for Jython independently. On the other hand, e.g.
Java vulnerabilities might affect Jython but obviously not CPython.

I'd suggest to report potential vulnerabilities at first privately to the project lead. Ask for contact for this
issue on the Jython-dev mailing list.
msg12020 (view) Author: Joseph Anselm (joanselm) Date: 2018-06-27.05:32:30
Thanks for the response. It would be helpful if we could know the tentative date of the release of 2.7.2.
msg12033 (view) Author: Stefan Richthofer (stefan.richthofer) Date: 2018-06-29.16:06:16
Added Jeff allen to nosy, because he has currently the best overview about what needs to be done for 2.7.2 release. If anyone can give an estimate for release date, then it's him.
msg12037 (view) Author: Jeff Allen (jeff.allen) Date: 2018-07-01.06:44:04
The textbook answer is "version 2.7" but you want to know what to expect from the standard library, expressed as "roughly what comes with release 2.7.x of CPython". This is not so straightforward. We will always be slightly stuck in the past, caused by modules that have to have special versions for Jython and modules we have not updated by copying from CPython.

We've discussed the rough equivalence (for the tip or 2.7.2) on jython-dev, I think concluding it was "about 2.7.9"). But it's patchy.

It's easy enough to copy the Python stdlib into the Jython source. Dealing with the breakage can result in more Jython specials or more Java. We try to drive that down: it is always nice to be able to delete a Jython special. It is a good thing at the right time.

I can't say anything sensible about a 2.7.2 release date. We set a low bar (I thought) at the start of the year in terms of must-fix bugs, but here I am wrestling with #2182 (Gradle) and its July already.
msg12039 (view) Author: Stefan Richthofer (stefan.richthofer) Date: 2018-07-01.12:29:30
Do we have a todo list somewhere?
msg12047 (view) Author: Jeff Allen (jeff.allen) Date: 2018-07-10.14:51:46
@stefan If you're logged in, there's a 2.7.2 query on the tracker menu. That's intended as a to-do list, although there may be other things to do.

Of course, anyone can assign tickets to a milestone, but if I notice it done spuriously, I will remove that.
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