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The textbook answer is "version 2.7" but you want to know what to expect from the standard library, expressed as "roughly what comes with release 2.7.x of CPython". This is not so straightforward. We will always be slightly stuck in the past, caused by modules that have to have special versions for Jython and modules we have not updated by copying from CPython.

We've discussed the rough equivalence (for the tip or 2.7.2) on jython-dev, I think concluding it was "about 2.7.9"). But it's patchy.

It's easy enough to copy the Python stdlib into the Jython source. Dealing with the breakage can result in more Jython specials or more Java. We try to drive that down: it is always nice to be able to delete a Jython special. It is a good thing at the right time.

I can't say anything sensible about a 2.7.2 release date. We set a low bar (I thought) at the start of the year in terms of must-fix bugs, but here I am wrestling with #2182 (Gradle) and its July already.
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