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1163 156 months ago Jython 2.1 converts string to unicode closed amylin
1025 156 months ago imp.find_module can't find builtin modules closed pjenvey
1203 156 months ago Many threads: unpredictable results closed gunter.bach
1166 156 months ago TypeError: utimes(): 3rd arg can't be coerced to long closed thijs
1205 156 months ago list comprehension difference to python closed pb
1063 156 months ago RuntimeError expected when stack overflows closed pjenvey
1083 156 months ago jython2.5a1 installer does not create "cachedir" directory closed draghuram
1182 156 months ago Patch to Lib/ to fix broken SSL closed dmbaggett
1211 156 months ago Telnetlib.expect crashes when a timeout parameter is given. closed amak
1204 156 months ago Unable to create file object from Java InputStream closed kam
1171 156 months ago Creating a PyFile from an InputStream is broken. closed amak
1212 155 months ago 'x' in dictionary much slower than dictionary.has_key('x') closed pekka.klarck
1213 155 months ago PythonInterpreter.initialize() throws NullPointerException without explanation closed doublep
1122 155 months ago os.kill is not implemented closed glyph
1008 155 months ago Jython broken on Java Web Start 1.6 closed redl0tus
1218 155 months ago Socket timeouts on connect not honoured when timeout set through socket.setdefaulttimeout() closed amak
1207 155 months ago Deploying a Django-Jython app to Tomcat generates java.lang.ClassCastException closed JohnSJohnM
1228 155 months ago Add version for 2.5b1 to Issue (Bug) tracker closed mlevalle
1229 155 months ago os.utime fails in Jython2.5b1 closed yanne
1232 155 months ago Inherited java bean properties not recognized correctly closed garyh
1227 155 months ago The cStringIO.StringIO.write implementation does not handle write/seek/write's correctly. closed njoyce
1217 155 months ago decompressing a malformed stream with zlib results in a instead of a zlib.error closed njoyce
1240 155 months ago Can't import _jython, but it's listed in the built-in modules closed DinoV
1235 155 months ago java.awt.Frame - problem w/ attibutes closed yarkot
1239 155 months ago Package scanning seems to depend on import order in jython-2.5b1 closed gidiko
1242 155 months ago Tuples allow member assignment closed pchasco
1230 154 months ago importing with '*' from java packages does not work with 2.5b1 closed yanne
1231 154 months ago 2.5b1 breaks XML DocumentBuilderFactory (in particular, Weblogic 10.3) closed doublep
1234 154 months ago Java classes' MRO resolution can throw an NPE closed marcdownie
1241 154 months ago Assignment to static variable shadows value closed nriley
1222 154 months ago Django - modjy doesn't recognise lib-python/* sub folders closed JohnSJohnM
1251 154 months ago select() fails when selecting on a file descriptor. closed cartman
1233 154 months ago couldn't make directories when installing django in jython on Windows closed jfenwick
1244 154 months ago Problem letting system choose the port for binding UDP socket closed asterio
1258 154 months ago select() semantics differ from CPython, causing pydoc HTTPd to fail closed rblair
1245 154 months ago modjy passes HTTP headers as unicode objects to the WSGI app closed leosoto
1257 154 months ago Pickling (protocol 2) doesn't use overriden itervalues() on dict-derived classes closed leosoto
1226 154 months ago asyncore.dispatcher._map is deleted for no reason closed billiejoex
1237 154 months ago Asnycore does not seem to work in Jython 2.5 (b0 or b1) closed mlevalle
1260 154 months ago Why is so different? closed billiejoex
1236 154 months ago Django 1.0.2 jython install fails in 2.5b1 (ok in 2.5b0) closed mlevalle
1192 154 months ago deserialization of Jython classes extending Java classes fails when called from Java closed cgroves
1168 153 months ago ast module not working closed certik
1263 153 months ago importing * from java-class fails closed gunter.bach
1247 153 months ago modjy is not included on the installer closed leosoto
1172 153 months ago install failed closed daveyost
1129 153 months ago Using bootclasspath prevents Jython to find Readline closed boisgera
1065 153 months ago ClassCastException in cPickle closed patrick
1126 153 months ago ImportError raised for Java subpackages import closed boisgera
1064 153 months ago 2.5 test_asynchat deadlocks closed pjenvey
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